While following periyar and Dr.B.R.Ambedkar accept the stereotypes and in following their ideology related to religion ,careful in selecting,because 

PERIYAR said “Religion paved a way to caste which is the slowpoison to eradicate the low caste people..

Dr.B.R.Ambedkar said “Religion has certain rules and regulations which carries the human in disciplinary ways.

 Leninism is the only way to get the solution to this confusion




Hey guys…

A bike with a good engine and a power strokes will go fast as you throttle…ITs just a thing between the engine and the acceleration..There is no space for heroism or anything…Anyone can raise the accelerator and can go as fast as you can..But thats not a matter…

I’m really got upset today on seeing a accident.A guy with his girlfriend passed me in a high speed..Within a few metres ahead they collide with an another two wheeler which had ridden by a old man of like 53 years old..He was badly injured…

Not only him both the boy and girl was injured badly.she got his dress teared nearby woman covered her with her dhupata and get them into ambulance

Pls guys bike is just for transportation not for showing your heroism shits…If u take your girlfriend out in your bike,and you ride fast definitely she enjoy,but you want to be a real hero,a man,put your girlfriend’s safety in first than her enjoyment stuffs

Miracle within #8

Today is my enlightenment day..

I continuously fighting with my dad for getting me a new bike…

I’m having a old discover

Today my bike got punctured and so I went to the nearby mechanic shop… They were putting puncture for my bike…It’s a small shop actually..So i waited outside the shop and i was irritated too..A small kid came to that shop for air checkup..That mechanic shop requested me to fill air for his cycle…I murmered about him and filled air for his cycle..

  • That kiddo asked “why are angry anna (brother)”and answered him about the new bike matter
  • He questioned “what is a bike for”?
  • I didn’t reply i was wondering why is he asking this?
  • He told me that any two wheel with a engine helps for transportation is called as bike..So use for transportation and not for showing off


Peoples having money ask for more from the God.

People those who are not having money, asking the people with money…

Peoples with  money s treating them as beggars,if they give money after thinking it is not called as charity…

Dont insult them.Actually it is insulting the God who gave you this status 


Im rega from Madurai..

My mother tongue is TAMIL

In my city i have seen boards like 

“Spoken English classes taken here”

“Spoken Hindi classes taken here”

I jusst want to know answer for my question which is circulating continuously since  three days…

Whether In hindi,English speaking countries,states and cities can i see the board of

“Spoken tamil classes taken here”

#no_offense #just_for_a_clarification


Today,i had to been travelled for nearly 160kms in bike…i was totally and badly hungry too…It was a highway,so i cant find any restaurants there.And on the way i found a man and enquired him about the restaurant…He replied”you have to reach city for food”To going through city will add some 30kms.more..What to do?i was in kola pasi(badly hungry)Atlast,i reached the city and found a restaurant,ordered a full meals,that man gave me the food with fish curry without asking a single question.I was wondered..Because I crossed a three,four shops and even petrol bunk,before going to purchase,Firstly,they questioned me,”you have change”coz In india today 500 and 1000 notes are banned as you people know..But this man doesn’t ask me a single question…That too a roadside small shop…Behind the shop there was dominos restaurant.when i was eating,a skode car came near us and parked near that man’s shop…A 22 old year(approx) get down from the car and went into dominos.I watched it and started to eating..After sometime,that boy came out from the shop,tensed,he came near the shop,where i was eating.He looked at the shop owner,i saw so much of hestitation in that boy’s face,after sometime he asked 5 parcel meals,the shopowner didn’t speak a word,just parceled five meals gave to him with a smile..He gave him a 500rs..He said i have no change..That boy replied keep the remaining..No,No when u come next for this shop ill collect,the shopkeeper said..That boy smiled a thanks and went.After  he left,shopkeeper laughs himself,i saw that and ask him why?

He answered,That boy just came now,is a student of a nearby college.They are a group of 3 girls and 2 boys..They often come to dominos shop,have pizzas and burgers etc,after finishing their eatables,while coming outside they look at the shop very badly,and passes comments in english,laughs themselves and leave..This is their regular activity..one day when they pass comment,my son was with me in the shop..He knows english..He angrily called them and started to shout at them..I convinced my son and they left..I asked the reason to my son,he replied,these types of food stalls are the biggest disease vendors,they said.


I gave the 60rs for the meals,smiled at him and started back to my home..while i was thinking what would ave happened in dominos.why he get the parcel in this shop?

Atlast,the 500 rupees he attempted to give to that shopkeeper made me realise,that dominos vendors doesnt accept his 500..

What a pity? Life is a circle…




Keadavettu is a function.on this we give bribes to the god for our family’s sake..Bribe is in the form of murdering Hens,cocks and sometimes goats…but the point in this is,we cut hens,cocks and goats for god,but we wont him to eat,instead we eat all,and sleep for whole day..Then how god will give you what you want?