Today i went to M.S.Dhoni The untold story…with my friend.Evening show…we got corner last two seats.And the very next three seats were occupied by three girls of our age…when the started one of the girl asked the other”yei atha kodu di(gimme that)”we excitedly watched her,what she is screaming for?Atlast its a whistle..she started blowing whenever dhoni came on the screen.the other two shouted to core.i think surely they ll get throat ache for atleast two days…In between some of the boys in the theatre shouted”aasai nayagan ajith kumar”  vaazha…suddenly these girls went crazy and when shouted aasai nayagan ajith kumar,three girls only these three in theatre loudly said”oliga”The boys got shocked and started searching for the girls…when they find and put flash on them they should loudly “ILAYATHALAPATHY VIJAY VAAZHA”.just imagine the boys situation,their faces are like embrassed…

But In This show neither duplicate dhoni nor original dhoni’s rocked itz one and only three madurai girls…

salute to your courage girls 


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