Accident vs Incident

Accident cause pain,worries and so many negative thing if it was in our life,but incase same accident occurs to anybody who is completely new to you,then it becomes incident…

Common things between Accident and Incident particularly  In tamilnadu is that both ll gain audience(crowd of a**holes)

This happens only in India

severely disturb by an accident to those guys and incident to nuts gathered as a crowd around them and simply watching and blabbering…Including me…i went to help them one of the oldman stopped me and said”police ta soliyachu vanthuruvaanga so porumaiya irupaa”(i had already informed to the police so keep quiet)i was in a top notch of Anger but cant do anything…Two 20 aged youngsters severely wounded and bleeding like a hell in the road and i was in a 5ft    distance to them watching like a dead body…

Shame on me…


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