while writinga script for the movie,first complicated task which came infront of the me is choosing the genre…

Whateve the story maybe we can do it any journor…even the greatest tragedies of Shakespeare’s were taken in a comedy genre…

My Dad used to tell me,if you have problms read the book related to that,and for sure you ll get the answer…

 Responding his advice,i red all the books relating to screenplay and deciding genres…

Next i went to my dad with anger,he asked me “why are you looking like this?have you got the answer?

i replied”no…i gave me a new question with lots of doubts”

My dad asked “now what is your prblm?

i looked for “how to choose the genre”but the book replied me before choosing the genre,choose your audience and their pulses?

s**t?am i a doctor to check the pulse?ig yes,for many how people i can check?

then i asked a devil inside me,it said Take a rest for while,sleep,eat and think…i do as he said,Now i got the answer…

I am the first audience to nu it has to impress me so that it has to be in my likely genre..



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