Today me and my friend when goin to sai baba temple,it is about 9km approx…it started raining suddenly…usually things only..but today we experienced very deeply 

1.when it started raining “my friend said stop the bike da” i replied him “macha still few more minutes to reach the temple,so v ll move” he again said “no way,im already having cold so stop it macha” 

For ur kind information,these conversations were during the ride in the rain…meanwhile we got fully drenched…

The first feel i had was all my clothes got wet first and  when the wet clothes touches the dry body uahhhhh i cant xplain tht in words

The second thing is that i had a malainelli(in english :Big amla)..we too had one bite of amla and open the mouth towards the sky…the purest form of water(Rain)when it gets mixed with Amla…again…uahhhaiahhaah

This is first half  that on the way to temple:very happy

Ll post the saddest second half that is while returning from the temple,when i get mood to post…stay with me frnds