After the very happy frst half…we reached and wait half an hour there for the rain to stop…but no sign of sstopping,so again we travelled in a heavy rain…

1.When i was riding the bike very fast,rain drops lands on my face like sparrow…when the attack of the rain increased,suddenly helmet came to my mind which i roped at the back of the bike…we stopped the bike below tree and i weared the helmet and started…just crossed 1.5kms my bike got punctured…

2.This is the most important part…it is outer side of the city.for mechanic shop we have to go for another two kms…me and my frienf with punctured bike standing on the road alone,waiting for an two wheeler or some help…with gods grace,a baleno car was approching us at a damn high speed…we got hopes…we are fully drenched and with the bike punctured…that baleno car suddenly stops crossed us…we lost hope…but god put a twist there…after crossing 50m the car suddenly stops and came in reverse to us…car windows were fully closed and we were fully drenched…Back side window is slowly sliding down,we think that they came to help us,so we watched slowly sliding down window with curiosity…A 70 year old women.. s ofcourse she ll be a deadbody  when im posting this…she asked us “is there is any multicuisine restaurant here”?

………..will be continued… 


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