The end:

Slowly my friend went near the car asked the young 70 year old lady”can u ask that one more time”she turned towards me and said “Dai u dont recognize me”i scanned my brain in the heavy rain,brain said match found..yes she s the girl gave me a plastic cover at the kovil to cover my head…within that tym my friend started fight with the 70 year angel,then i  explained and cooled him…Then she asked me kindly”sorry i was kidding,do u need any help pa”i was blinking at him without saying anything”you come with us,i ll drop u at the mechanic shop”suddenly i turned,In the driver seat,saw a teenage beautiful girl,which i followed her in the temple…This is called luck…i replied “bike madam”dont call me madam jus call me sisy…my heart broke at that moment…heavy sound of laughing came behind ofcourse its my friend…angrily replied”no need.thanks”then ur wish see you at the temple on next Thursday bro bubuye”

At that time i realised one thing,

“Pizza delivery boy never gets pixza in his lifetime”

Then we three(me,my frnd,punctured bike)walked for 1.5kms and found a mechanic shop and repaired my bike and we went home.

 imp:puncture cost:50 

The mechanic offered us a cup of tea and a bun…


For him the profit is 10 rupees only what a kind hearted person he is?

I just want to recollect a tamil song:

A human who wish to help other doesnt have enough money

At the same time a human with lots of money doest have Heart to help others…

Climax:I dropped my frnd at his home and i came to my house…A ready action sequences are awaiting for my arrival..

Mom and dad had a attacking weapons like chapathi roller and a comb,then it started


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