My cousin didnt answer me properly…
But when i went through e-books,i came to know that dog’s tail is nothing but the extension of the dog’s backbone…

But why he linked Me,edison,newton and dog,after a long tym discussion with my brain…i think he sarcastically told me as scientists by telling their names…

But why dog and me?

Then only remember the day..sterday last year,when me and bhairavan(my dogs name)got earthed,i mean when i switching off the motor with right hand holding bharaivan in the left hand we got little shock…for a fraction of second i didnt feel my finger and bhairavan was barking very loud,that tym i saw his tail was straightened,actually its for fraction of second…

To Recall this incident and to check my memory power he txted me like that…

Funny doggy cousin šŸ™‚

P:s; After reading dont get violent plzz..


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