Hey why are you using internet in incognito mode??

Everyone is asking while I’m surfing?Is it a crime or what?? Nobody is having privacy in all means including incognito.I said NOBODY..But incognito gives a feeling of being secured,i know it’s just a feeling.In this era nobody can hide anything in real… Atleast in reel can I?

Yes I’m using and i will use incognito mode mode always and ever…Imagine how far u can? Thats you problem and i don’t give a damn…f**k



While following periyar and Dr.B.R.Ambedkar accept the stereotypes and in following their ideology related to religion ,careful in selecting,because 

PERIYAR said “Religion paved a way to caste which is the slowpoison to eradicate the low caste people..

Dr.B.R.Ambedkar said “Religion has certain rules and regulations which carries the human in disciplinary ways.

 Leninism is the only way to get the solution to this confusion



Hey guys…

A bike with a good engine and a power strokes will go fast as you throttle…ITs just a thing between the engine and the acceleration..There is no space for heroism or anything…Anyone can raise the accelerator and can go as fast as you can..But thats not a matter…

I’m really got upset today on seeing a accident.A guy with his girlfriend passed me in a high speed..Within a few metres ahead they collide with an another two wheeler which had ridden by a old man of like 53 years old..He was badly injured…

Not only him both the boy and girl was injured badly.she got his dress teared nearby woman covered her with her dhupata and get them into ambulance

Pls guys bike is just for transportation not for showing your heroism shits…If u take your girlfriend out in your bike,and you ride fast definitely she enjoy,but you want to be a real hero,a man,put your girlfriend’s safety in first than her enjoyment stuffs

Miracle within #8

Today is my enlightenment day..

I continuously fighting with my dad for getting me a new bike…

I’m having a old discover

Today my bike got punctured and so I went to the nearby mechanic shop… They were putting puncture for my bike…It’s a small shop actually..So i waited outside the shop and i was irritated too..A small kid came to that shop for air checkup..That mechanic shop requested me to fill air for his cycle…I murmered about him and filled air for his cycle..

  • That kiddo asked “why are angry anna (brother)”and answered him about the new bike matter
  • He questioned “what is a bike for”?
  • I didn’t reply i was wondering why is he asking this?
  • He told me that any two wheel with a engine helps for transportation is called as bike..So use for transportation and not for showing off